About Us

Who We Are

Cal Habitat is dedicated to providing affordable housing for low-income families. We support underprivileged populations in the Bay Area through various community service projects. These include workdays, fundraisers, advocacy, and events planned by our committees:  Community Outreach, and Special Events.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Habitat?

As a member of Habitat, you can:

- Help your community!

- Participate in events like build days, 

  soup kitchens, fundraisers, and more!

- Make friends!

- Join committees to plan events!

- Become an active member! (aka one    of the coolest kids on campus)

How do I join Habitat?

Attend one of our General Meetings,

or sign up for one of our events on the event page.

How do I become an active member?

Have 24 hours of service with Habitat, including 8 hours of workdays and 8 hours of fundraising.