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Meet Our Fall 2023 Officer Board!

kaneesha website.jpg

Kaneesha Goyal (they/them)


3rd Year 

Sociology and Ethnic Studies

My name is Kaneesha and I’m the president of Cal Habitat. I love all the different ways Cal Habitat allows us to get involved in the community! My fun fact is that I like making jewelry :)

taylor website.jpg

Taylor Lacey (she/her)

Research Coordinator

3rd Year

I love habitat because we get to know the people in the organizations we volunteer with. It gives us a better understanding of the issues we are working to solve, and makes the experience more memorable. My fun fact is that I have a pet chinchilla!

sarah website.jpg

Sarah Skotnicki (she/her)

Social Coordinator

4th Year

My favorite thing about Cal Habitat is meeting and working with others who are also interested in bettering our community and the world. I’m really excited to go to social events with you all this semester. A fun fact about me is that I’m allergic to some sunscreens.

andy website pic.png

Andres Chaidez (he/him)

Local Coordinator

3rd Year

 i love habitat because everyone i've met is so kind, fun and wholesome and we get to tangibly see how we positively affect the community we live in.

a fun fact about me is i can do the splits (all of them (:< )

ana website.jpg

Ana Saldana (she/her)

Local Coordinator

Hi I’m Ana an intended linguistics major. I’m a build officer excited to make Habitat an amazing time. One thing I enjoy about Habitat are the people who are welcoming. One interesting fact about me is that I go to Mexico during both vacations.

joanne website picture.jpg

Joanne Park (she/they)

Publicity Chair

 I’ve met a lot of fun, selfless, and down-to-earth people volunteering for Habitat.

Fun fact: I can eat large amounts of food really quickly

samuel li.jpg

Samuel Li (he/him)

Fundraising Chair

 Hi, my name is Samuel Li and I am a Economics and Applied Math major who will be serving as a fundraising officer for this year! I love Cal Habitat because its chill culture, which is a stark contrast to the seriousness of professional life. I look forward to working with everyone in a more laid-back setting while instigating a significant impact!

P.S. I'm red-green colorblind, so don't mention Christmas to me

anica website picture.jpg

Anica Terbijhe (she/her)

Media Chair

hi !!! my name is anica and i’m media this semester! i love habitat because i love the community and the people and the fact that we get to help out around the bay area! a fun fact about me is that i have a twin on campus, so yes i can be in two places at once :)

natalie website.jpeg

Natalie Sanchez (she/her)


3rd Year 

Environmental Economics & Policy + Conservation and Resource Studies

As vice president, I’m in charge of all communication between the general members and officers - so i’ll be the 1am notification you’ll be receiving Tuesday nights ;) I love habitat because of the wide range of projects we undergo, from braiding bread to building homes, and the amazing friendships you’ll make. Something I think is extremely important about me is my need to hide minions in all my presentations.

hannah website.jpeg

Hannah Swee (she/her)

Fundraiser Coordinator

3rd Year

i love that habitat hosts different events every week—there’s always a way for members to serve the local community! a fun (but slightly embarrassing) fact about me is that i play minesweeper every day.

Ashley Sanchez (she/her)

Build Coordinator

3rd Year

Haii, my name is Ashley and I am an officer on the build team. I love Cal Habitat because this club legit plans out the most memorable days without you having to do much but attend! You get to give back to the community and meet the kindest people on campus and in the local community. One of my favorite memories was volunteering at the Zoo and watching a pair of monkeys sing in the morning. A fun fact about me is I reupholstered my current couch all by myself.

Holly Werner (she/her)

Political Advocacy Chair

4th Year 

Hey, I’m Holly and I am a co-chair for advocacy. I love Habitat because it offers such a range of volunteer opportunities around the East Bay. My fun fact is that last semester I studied in Copenhagen and spent an entire day hiking a glacier!

jerry website.jpeg

Jerry Jiang (he/him) 

Build Coordinator 

3rd Year

I love habitat for the great community I met through volunteering. Fun fact: my hobby is growing hot peppers

jack website.jpeg

Jack Yang (he/him)

Local Coordinator 

3rd Year

 habitat's pretty cool cuz it’s super easy to be involved and do things that help the community with such fun and light hearted people! fun fact i can flip like 3 eggs on a pan at the same time!

sofia website.png

Sofia Garaygay (she/her)

Build Coordinator

4th Year

I am social chair! I love habitat because of the welcoming and dedicated community of people involved in the club. everyone brings their own unique personality to the club and it’s so fun to see everyone work together! one fun fact about myself is that i grew up with llamas, chickens, goats, and sheep as pets (alongside the dogs and cats).

elena website pic .JPG

Elena Fu (she/he/they)

Education Chair

3rd Year

 hellooo! i’m elena, a current third year and one half of the education officer team! essentially, i, with my co-officer, oversee habitat’s housing crisis decal. i’ll also be helping facilitating our weekly habitat homework help! habitat is such a fabulous club, not only because its big heart for volunteering and environmental and social causes, but also because of the major  sense of community and friendship i’ve found! fun fact about me? every single person in my immediate family is left handed… so do what you want with that information.

charlotte website.jpg

Charlotte Wong (she/her)


4th Year 

Microbial Biology + Music

Hi! I’m Charlotte, and I’m the treasurer of Habitat this semester! I joined Habitat for its welcoming, tight-knit community and the variety of volunteering opportunities that the club offers. This is my 5th semester as an officer - can't wait for another amazing semester with the club!

kailey website pic.jpg

Kailey Villaroman (she/her)

special events coordinator

3rd Year

 hi i’m kailey and i’m special events this semester! local focuses on doing service, such as cleanups and restorations, around the bay area. i love habitat because it is such an amazing community with the best people. a fun fact about me is that i’m a habitat officer. (i can’t think of any fun facts :') )

tylar website pic.png

Tylar Banta (she/her)

Collegiate Challenge Coordinator

3rd Year

Hi!! Habitat is the best club on campus because even though we're one of the biggest it feels like one big happy family; I've met some of the most amazing people in college through this club! A fun fact about me is that I can fly hang gliders!

celine website picture.jpg

Celine Shen (she/her)

Soup Chair

I’m the soup chair, I love habitat because of the close knit community and one fun fact about myself is that I’m a black belt in taekwondo

leben website picture.jpg

Leben Kawaguchi (she/they)

Social Chair 

3rd Year

I was drawn to and stayed in habitat because of the people; everyone is always so excited to participate and give back to the community while also fostering an inclusive and fun environment! Fun fact: I have a sourdough starter that I am more than happy to share

emma website pic.jpeg

Emma Paradise (she/her)

Education Chair

4th Year

 Hi, I’m Emma and I’m one of the education coordinators this semester! One of my favorite things about Habitat is that it’s given me reasons to explore Berkeley and the East Bay and to try new activities. Going to events is a great way to meet people and to do meaningful volunteering! A fun fact about me is that I once badly lost in a watermelon head-rolling race against children in Ecuador.

marco website pic.jpg

Marco Alcazar (he/him)

Special Events Chair

3rd Year

The ability to help the community in so many various ways through our committee system is what makes me love the club. One fun fact is that I like creating video games

zach website pic.jpg

Zachary Khouri (he/him)

Research Chair

3rd Year 

I’m education for this semester and I love habitat because I like how it’s a club where anyone and everyone can get involved. A fun fact about me is that I was born in Berkeley.

Theo Wang (he/him)

manatee copy.png
frog copy.png

Political Advocacy Chair

2nd Year

Hi! My name is Theo and I will be one of your two Advocacy co-officers this semester. I really enjoy being in Habitat because of the people and because our work involves helping out members of the community. A fun fact about me is that I grew up in both France and China before coming to study in the US.


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